Re: New Government?

Lee Daniel Crocker (
Mon, 23 Aug 1999 15:33:36 -0700 (PDT)

> Most people would call me socialist for bringing this up but I think
> it is both socialist and capitalist.
> The idea is:
> Free Medical & Dental
> Free Education
> Free Housing
> Anything else you want you can buy.
> The idea is by helping your neighbor you increase your own chance for
> survival. Anyone for this? Against It? Any ideas on how it would work?

Before this devolves into a thread about the "basics" of libertarian and capitalist thought, I recommend that you scan the Extropian reading list for its political works, especially Friedman's "Machinery of Freedom". Mt. Friedman's web site <> also has a lot of good material on it.

Capitalism recognizes quite clearly that "helping your neighbor increases your own chance for survival"; indeed, because doing so is rational, it is not necessary for a government to mandate it by force--people will help their neighbors, friends, families, and even strangers anyway because they derive benefit from doing so. Indeed it is not at all unlikely that a libertarian community would provide some minimal level of assistance in the above areas as a human capital investment, or merely to keep the underprivileged from becoming a burden in other ways (crime, etc.) It would not, of course, /control/ those areas as our system does to a degree, because that would abridge the rights of free individuals to determine their own desire for housing, medicine, education, or other services and pay for whatever level of service they want.

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