Re: extropians-digest V4 #230

Douglas Solomon (
Mon, 23 Aug 1999 15:14:04 -0400


So, that was extremely depressing, but we immediately realized that this web business changes everything. And it has, no? This was an incredibly powerful technology that *just showed up* one day. I don't recall any sci-fi stories that anticipated the web. Anyone? I suspect that many future technologies that will change everything will be more like the web than flying cars. spike


Try considering Robert A. Heinlein's "Methuselah's Children." The scene is in the Methuselah's hideout, near Chicago, where Andy Libby and Lazarus are deep in talk. Libby has programmed the 'squak box' (? - memory is a little bit fuzzy [not sapien]) to respond with any news of, regarding the freshly exposed/newly persecuted: Methuselahs.

Vintage about 1947, or maybe as late as 1958, depending on revision.