Re: Not quite magic physics [was Re: Quantum Computers]

Anders Sandberg (
23 Aug 1999 19:29:37 +0200

"Robert J. Bradbury" <> writes:

> The question is, when does the
> energy density become high enough to effect that the "fabric"
> of space/time/energy/mass enough to effect the progagation?

The mass of the energy is E/c^2, so it starts to have a noticeable gravitational pull as GE/c^2 becomes noticeable. As the energy goes up to the Planck energy density 1e28 g/cm light is definitely going to be behaving according to the superposition principle, the stream will have become associated with so much space-time curvatures that things turn weird. I guess it would be self-focussing, as a beam would have a radial pull inwards.

As for pair production, the limit is when h nu = 2 m_e c^2. Much, much lower. But it requires some field or particle in the vicinity to absorb some momentum to occur. I guess that beyond this frequency, a beam would quickly scatter into positron-electron pairs and scattered gamma rays.

It is probably easier to make black holes by compressing matter than using lasers.

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