Re: lawyers vs. AirCars

Elizabeth Childs (
Mon, 23 Aug 1999 01:19:21 -0700

Spike Jones said:

> Since there is some immutable supernatural law
> of nature that *requires* us to spend hours in these conveyances,
> we have plush apholstery and killer stereos.

I have heard that commute times are similar all over the world. The distance expands to meet the available technology, but the times remain about the same, whether by car, foot, public transit, or donkey.

> On the subject of moving traffic, this evening's Simpsons
> episode [Hilarious! It was the Mensa send-up episode with Steven
> Hawking.] had the real solution.

I loved the part where the Mensans were talking about the wonderful changes they were going to make in the town, and one said "Springfield will be the new Athens," and the other said "Or Walden 2".