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O'Regan, Emlyn (
Mon, 23 Aug 1999 16:13:06 +1000

> Phil, your post was looking so good until it got this fantastic injection
> of mysogeny! It's such a bummer to see you mix in the following paragraph
> with an otherwise very informative piece on Montessori schools. It brings
> the credibility of the whole post down.

> Women - not all of them, obviously, but way too many - are anti-rational
> and
> consistently resist science and technology. Look at how they waited until
> computers became "fashinable" to finally adopt them. As an educational
> consultant in the '80's, I could talk for hours about this one. And
> Amerika
> distrusts people who are too smart, as in "Mad Scientists." So it's a
> hard
> sell culturally and then you have active, dedicated thoroughly evil
> opposition who happen to control the state-financed compulsory education
> and
> its propaganda apparatus - the schools themselves.
I send my daughter to a preschool which is run along Montessori lines, and she thrives there. This was after some false starts at more "conventional" (f*cked up) schools which seemed more interested in breaking individualism and getting that institutional mindset going as early as humanly possible. I remember seeing my daughter, along with the rest of the kids at one preschool, running around in the playground wearing the school hat (I hadn't known there was a school hat). They just had to have some kind of uniform. When I asked about it, I got the usual line (which we all probably have come across) about engendering equality in the children. Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full.

What are other parents on this list doing about education? I can't imagine that the anti-death&taxes types hanging around extropians are going for the marching-up-and-down-the-square type of set up that conventional schooling offers.

Emlyn thank you sir may I please have another Disciple of Discipline