Re: Computer Orgasms WAS Re: Interesting Idea
Sun, 22 Aug 1999 17:33:33 -0700

Robert J. Bradbury, <>, writes:
> "In the male, orgasm consists of a series of rhythmic contractions
> of the pelvic organs at 0.8-second intervals. ... in the first
> stage ("ejaculatory inevitiability"), there is a sensation
> that ejaculation is just about to happen and cannot be stopped ...
> in the second stage, the urethral bulb and the penis itself
> contract rhythmically, forcing out the semen. ...

I've heard that the closest thing to an orgasm, physiologically, is a sneeze. Orgasms and sneezes are irritation responses. You have that sort of tickling sensation, and it builds up and builds up and finally, there is an explosive release.