Re: Balloon-Borne Instrument Collects Antimatter (fwd)
Sat, 21 Aug 1999 16:21 +0000

>> Since annihilation produces pure energy would that
>> hold the two universes apart in a rhythmic pattern for a while? I'm
>> picturing power much greater than a supernova.
>Definitely much more than a supernova. And much messier - when large
>amounts of matter and antimatter react the result isn't pure energy
>but a very hot nuclear plasma. This would likely blow away matter and
>antimatter, but it could very well be turbulent and contain a mixture
>of them. Such an ambiplasma can actually be fairly stable if it is
>thin enough, since the collisions between particles are rare enough to
>just heat it up. Some physicists (most notably Hannes Alfven) have
>suggested this as a mechanism to explain the matter predominance, but
>most physicists today go for other explanations.

Since all of our experiments to date have been with minute quantities of antimatter, might we hypothesie that large quantities of matter interacting with large quantities of antimatter *could* produce emergent qualities involving the condensation of energy into matter/antimatter, thereby resulting in far less radiation than we would expect? Is there data in the stable that contradicts this?