Re: Australian pinko communists

Timothy Bates (
Sun, 22 Aug 1999 15:16:47 +1000

Mike did not say (but tim did)

>> It is more fascinating listening to people in a country whose relative
>> standard of living continues to drop rubbishing a country that is inventing
>> the future. It is particularly true in our area of Psychology, don't you
>> think?

Patrick replied
> I assume you are somehow suggesting that I have in someway been rubbishing
> the US.
Not at all. I have just heard so much of it, as may you also?

> Yes. Academic psychology has fallen on hard times here in Australia. But
> its because money has been taken away from education by the government. Our
> "socialist" government no longer wants to spend the same amounts of money
> on education (and research in general is an even lower priority).
Very bad also that they are now shifting government sponsorship of research to the one area that does not need it: applied reseearch. In other words, the government sponsors particular firms at the cost of other firms, in areas in which those firms woudl have invested anyhow. The one thing that firms are unwilling to do (basic research) is left to die on the vine.

> Personally I find it very difficult to argue with the basic fact that the
> Australian public does not value basic research (at least non-medical) so
> why should it be forced to fund it? I am all for reduced taxes and
> therefore reduced spending. Unfortunately only the latter seems to apply.

> But you can hardly argue that the government in the States doesn't spend
> large amounts of money on research. Isn't that a pretty socialist thing to
> do?

>> Pat, do you know what Nazi is an acronym of?
>> National SOCIALIST Party.
>> That is the name which Hitler chose: he may be a qualified judge, no?

> To be honest I wouldn't buy a used car from Hitler. I certainly wouldn't
> swallow anything he claimed publically about the Nazi Party. Spectemur
> Agendo: By our actions we shall be known. If you can't distinguish between
> a fascist and a socialist you are either highly enlightened or not all.
> Either way this conversation is not going anywhere.

well, I enjoyed it.