Re: Australian pinko communists

Patrick Wilken (
Sun, 22 Aug 1999 10:51:59 +1000

>Good for you, just don't misattribute to me things that are said by your
>own countryman, Timothy Bates...

Woops. Apologies.

>> Yes. Academic psychology has fallen on hard times here in Australia. But
>> its because money has been taken away from education by the government. Our
>> "socialist" government no longer wants to spend the same amounts of money
>> on education (and research in general is an even lower priority).
>Education is not research.

I meant money on education facilities (i.e. universities). In Australia the area of education refers both to education and research at universities.

>All of your nationalized businesses together
>spend less on R&D than Microsoft.

Which nationalized businesses? It sounds like you think everything is nationalized in Australia (banks, electricity, gas, phones, etc.) this is rapidly ceasing to be the case.

Can you give some figures? I would be interested what the larger companies spend on r&d.

>Corporate research has far oustripped government research, as the
>current new economy has educated them to the value of it. Nationalized
>businesses in other countries are being gutted of basic research in
>order to fund the baby boomer choke point of the welfare trough.

I would be interested in seeing figures. I don't pretend to have an in depth knowledge of how money is spent on r&d (either here or abroad). I would be interested in the argument that University of California (for instance) does little or no research. How is this judged? Certainly I have no argument that lots of research dollars are spent outside universities in the corporate sector.

>fascist: one who beleives that the will and needs of the state as a
>whole is paramount.
>socialist: one who beleives the will and needs of society as a whole is

OK. No argument here.

best, patrick

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