Re: Australian pinko communists

Timothy Bates (
Sat, 21 Aug 1999 15:35:40 +1000 (Patrick Wilken) asked
> Mike:
> Do you actually know anything about the Liberal Party in Australia?
> Australians like nothing
> better than to listen to non-Australians (in particular US passport
> holders) explain a priori the nature of our country. Its always
> fascinating.
It is more fascinating listening to people in a country whose relative standard of living continues to drop rubbishing a country that is inventing the future. It is particularly true in our area of Psychology, don't you think?

Mike said
>> Being a libertarian, I consider anyone more >> pro-government than I to be a socialist, in general and Patrick asked
> So Nazi Germany was a socialist state as well?

Pat, do you know what Nazi is an acronym of?

National SOCIALIST Party.
That is the name which Hitler chose: he may be a qualified judge, no?


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