Re: Australian pinko communists

Patrick Wilken (
Sat, 21 Aug 1999 15:07:28 +1000

>From Mike Lorrey:
>The idea of the Republicans being equated to a (or any) Liberal Party is
>rather humorous.


Do you actually know anything about the Liberal Party in Australia? Or are you basing your entire analysis on its name (and the fact that we have have big bouncy things and other stuff down here)? Australians like nothing better than to listen to non-Australians (in particular US passport holders) explain a priori the nature of our country. Its always fascinating.

>Being a libertarian, I consider anyone more
>pro-government than I to be a socialist, in general, or merely specific
>to particular issues, but socialist all the same.

So Nazi Germany was a socialist state as well? If you want to talk politics fine. If you want to engage in a priori rhetoric find another soap-box.

ciao, patrick

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