Re: Matter traveling backward in time

Michael S. Lorrey (
Sat, 21 Aug 1999 00:01:25 -0400

Clint O'Dell wrote:
> >That's a pity - I was having visions of civilisations running backwards
> >like a video running backwards. You know, anti-people leaping up out of a
> >pool through a backwards splash onto a diving board; trains reversing back
> >over smashed (long) vintage cars, which reassemble as the train removes
> >itself from them; Ninjas jumping normally off rooves down on to the ground.
> >
> >Nylme
> Let's assume, for the moment, that there is matter that travels backward in
> time. We would never see it except for perhaps, maybe, a second. It would
> suddenly appear then suddenly disapear.

No it would not. We would see it the entire time. However we would first encounter it in what it considers its later life, while it would encounter us in what we consider our later life. If I met an anti-matter clock, i would think that it is moving backwards, while an anti-matter person would think its moving forwards. If I talked with an anti-matter person, I would hear their last word first, and their first word last.... Any Questions?

Mike Lorrey