Re: Balloon-Borne Instrument Collects Antimatter

Michael S. Lorrey (
Fri, 20 Aug 1999 23:34:27 -0400

Doug Jones wrote:
> While it's true that any individual antiparticle can be treated
> mathematically as a time-reversed particle, it does travel forward
> in time at 1 s/s just like everything else. In particular,
> antiparticles cannot propagate information backward in time, as your
> interpretation would imply. Antimatter does not run toward zero.

The Transactional Interpretation implies that information is indeed propagated backward in time as a response, a handshake, to an event in the past. As I stated, I don't beleive that we live in a closed universe, which is why we do not see any widespread phenomena of anti-matter. Besides that, how do you know that the mathematical treatment is not the real way it is, as opposed to our relativistic observation of it?

Mike Lorrey