Re: You have been added to the newbeginningskingdom eGroup.

Freeman Craig Presson (
Fri, 20 Aug 1999 00:57:08 -0500

On 19 Aug 99, at 15:31, Loren & Leslie wrote:

> Craig, currently I am still a member of this list and have just as much
> prerogative to send my jabber if that's what it is as you do, grow up and
> be a kind person instead of the stink that you are... You are the kind of
> person that makes any list a place people don't want to be.

You haven't got the faintest idea what kind of person I am, and I didn't say unkind word # 1 until you flamed me for objecting to email on the list from egroups. I object to every posting that comes through from non-members. I get around 100 emails/day, and around 10 of them are spam, in case you think I'm just being crabby without provocation.

If majordomo had a "nomail" option, we could close the list, and people who use multiple accounts could subscribe from all of them and set all but one to nomail.

If you want the last word, take it, I'm done.