Re: Balloon-Borne Instrument Collects Antimatter

Michael S. Lorrey (
Thu, 19 Aug 1999 23:21:00 -0400

Clint O'Dell wrote:
> I'm no physicist, but doesn't anti-matter and matter annihilate each other?
> How could you capture anti-matter that is floating around with matter?

An anti-matter particle is only eliminated by its exact opposite. An anti-electron cannot be eliminated by an anti-proton. The problem with this balloon experiment is that the whole idea of anti-matter galaxies existing in the present day is ludicrous unless there is to be another big bang some time in the future. Any anti-matter that was created by our original big bang that was not eliminated at the time of the big bang is now some 26 billion years in the past, since anti-matter of any kind is simply matter that is going backwards in time. If anti-matter galaxies exist in the present day, then this means that we live in a closed universe and that it will collapse some time in the future to form a new big bang (or big bounce, as the case may be), as those galaxies are from that future time. Since the current preponderance of the evidence is that we live in an open universe, I predict that anti-matter galaxies will not be found....

Mike Lorrey