Re: Extropians GIMPS team

Spike Jones (
Tue, 17 Aug 1999 21:27:59 -0700

> [Bryan Moss has] an idea to get all 5 of those (potential) undiscovered
> Mersenne
> primes and the $100K prize in maybe a year or less. We'll use the CPU
> cycles of internet users without asking them...

Bryan, do you think you are the first to think of this? What if, at this very moment, some sneaky coder scoundrel is using *your* CPU to perform unspeakable acts of computation? It could be anyone, perhaps even... Bill Gates. Let us use GIMPS to uncover those who would perpetrate such reprehensible acts of clandestine computing. This is yet another side benefit of GIMPS, along with providing a *free* constant system diagnostic tool, for it warns you if it gets an illegal sumout error, perhaps allowing you to discover a faulty or overclocked CPU, along with detecting unknown background processes.

Cool idea tho. {8^D spike