Re: Extropians vs Mensa GIMPS team

Spike Jones (
Tue, 17 Aug 1999 21:46:10 -0700

> Spike Jones wrote: To join the team, the user ID is "extropians"
> and the password
> is "maxmore". see

The irony! After all the talk we had on Mensa, I looked at the GIMPS rankings today and discovered that we were one slot above the Mensa team. spike66 is us until this Friday morning, when one of my computers

will finish and report a result, at which time the ranks chart will automatically
change from spike66 to extropians. We are currently ranked 770 with my contribution alone, and the Mensa team is 771. {8^D see

Im sure we will overpower the Mensans, even tho they are making 177 CPU hours per day. {8-] spike