RE: Extropians GIMPS team

O'Regan, Emlyn (
Wed, 18 Aug 1999 12:56:28 +1000

> > out what the purpose of the worm was it might make going public with
> the
> > results a little more risky. (I'm not sure of the laws concerning
> viruses,
> > would what I'm suggesting be illegal?)
> As a popular German saying goes: "legal, illegal, scheissegal".
If you stick to Wintel machines, you could argue that since MS says their products are secure, and since they have a history of not telling the whole story re: APIs for their "OSes", then the security holes must in fact be hidden APIs, and that their system is thus designed to allow this kind of radical distributed computing.

Perhaps they could even be sued for then patching said holes, for anti-competitive practices?


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