RE: consciousness, self, awareness....again.

Rob Harris Cen-IT (
Tue, 17 Aug 1999 17:34:59 +0100

>A conscious person is conscious because he is self aware.

(When I talk of 'consciousness', I am referring to the "here I am" sensation, the source of sensations, the "soul" if you like, and nothing else.)
I would offer that nobody I've ever read or talked to on this subject knows what causes consciousness. So where did this come from? And what do you mean by "self aware"? The awareness of your own status/position like a moving autonomous robot, or perhaps you are allowing the concepts of consciousness and awareness to clash, resulting in a circular definition....? "Awareness" and "self" as well as consciousness are hideously ambiguous terms in general use, but cannot be interchangeable or loosely defined if statements involving the three are supposed to be taken seriously. What do you think?

>This self awareness is a pointer in mind pointing to itself.

So what is this original "self", disregarding the closed pointer loop? Can there be a "self" without this pointer in your model? How do you view the "self" in relation to your awareness and consciousness...?

>Now that I've defined consciousness lets dive into some deeper issues.

You didn't define consciousness - or anything else for that tried to describe how the undetermined "it" arises.

>What is the brains function actualy but to exchange information with other
>brain functions. Isn't this whole process part of what makes you

Ahhhh... questions rather than answers built on a house of cards. Is it? So you're saying that perhaps the distributed nature of brain function may in part contribute to the platform upon which consciousness stands? did you arrive at this idea? (expand)?

>The link between minds would become the new pointer. Its higher up in the
>higharchy and therefore has priority.
>With this new software pointer you can link to as many minds as you want.#

What hierarchy? What about the "self" present in each human?

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