RE: free will, SI's

Rob Harris Cen-IT (
Tue, 17 Aug 1999 16:24:56 +0100

>Those SI's which have motivation to control the substrates on
>which SI's are built shall proliferate and others will become food.

>The idea that SI's will do anything else with humanity but grind it
>up for spare atoms and is nothing short of religious faith.

I don't think that we can be sure about the nature of secondary motivations. Remember - the enhanced humans will of course have to choose their motivation set before implementing it. The choices will therefore be made from a human standpoint. I can't imagine many humans that would choose the ideas that you describe.
Of course, with each new iteration of the motivation choosing process, the influence of the original human motivation will diminish, but probably never totally disappear, just as some (very few - microscopic) of the original dirt particles will always remain in a shirt that you wash many times. By this time, there are unlikely to be any humans left in their original form - unless of course we're talking very short times between each iteration - but I can't imagine why the decision makers would want to accelerate this process as this would be an identical situation to the one you describe - one in that the original human decision makers decide to flush humanity down the toilet.

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