Re: SPACE: New propulsion technologies

Michael S. Lorrey (
Tue, 17 Aug 1999 10:07:08 -0400

Gabriele Betti wrote:
> Might it have a connection to the feel of being pushed from the back
> sometimes in certain situations, or other phenomenon?
> have you ever felt it?

What? I don't think that any paranormal phenomena are at all a result of the Transactional interpretation, however such events are of such a Fortean nature (they are unreproducable) that it is impossible to scientifically study them to reach a real conclusion about their existence or not. Such things are a matter of faith in the individual. Using science or pseudoscientific rationalizations to bolster ones faith in such events is merely a reflection of how weak the individual's faith is. it is an indicator that the individual needs to determine if their faith is really useful, or if it should be chucked all together.

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> >Gabriele Betti wrote:
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> >> Does anybody knows about anti-matter propulsion?
> >> What exactly anti-matter means/is?
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> >Anti-matter is simply matter with a reverse time dimension. Every
> >particle has an anti-particle that behaves in reverse the same way the
> >particle does forward in time. A proton and anti-proton collide and they
> >eliminate each other, releasing the entire energy of both their masses.
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