Re: Gay Extropians?

Anders Sandberg (
17 Aug 1999 15:55:40 +0200

Spike Jones <> writes:

> > Alex Future Bokov wrote:. People have mostly been
> > responding with curiousity, friendliness, and intelligence. ...Anyone who
> > cannot handle the idea of two men having sex is *definitely*
> > not ready to deal with the real psychological shock of uploading, etc.
> Ive no problem with two men having sex, or two women, but the
> thought of two *computers* having sex, eeeewwww, gross! Im
> squicked! Call in the anti-sodemy lawmakers! {8^D spike

Wait a minute, doesn't that depend on the gender of the connectors? For example my notebook and my desktop computer are a nice heterocomputational couple. But I'm a bit worried about those daisy chain connectors on the computers at my office... :-)

(trust the extropians to tell dirty jokes about computers :-)

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