I love your music!!

john grigg (starman125@hotmail.com)
Mon, 16 Aug 1999 21:13:01 PDT

Emlyn and Jodie,

I just want to say publicly how much I love the extropian songs the two of you have written! I found it very captivating in the style of Enya. Do you do Klingon weddings? lol I think that Worf or any Klingon about to tie the knot would find your compositions very moving! I mean that as a compliment speaking as a trekkie.

Also I thought that should a sequel be made to the "Flash Gordon" film made around 1980 that was a cult classic you and your wife should work on the soundtrack. And speaking of sequels...if a "Fifth Element" part two is done you must do a song for any blue, angel-voiced humanoids!!

I really was dumbfounded that someone would have such musical talent here on the list! You and your wife are just fantastic in my view. I cannot wait to listen to your next song! And it was my first time using Mp3 so it was doubly cool! My school computer labs won't let me use it (for obvious reasons) so I went to a cyber cafe to listen.

It was will worth the cost. Will you consider coming out with a CD so people can have something substantial to hold in their hand and put with the rest of their CD collection? Are you gifted when it comes to doing album cover artwork?

I wish you both the best in life and with your musical efforts. Take care!


John Grigg

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