Chakra showers in spring

Rak Razam (
Tue, 17 Aug 1999 11:57:26 +1000

>Wouldnt it be cool if you could temporarily switch orientation? I would
>like to take a gay pill, that only works until one takes a straight pill
>to counteract it. It would help me to understand my friends who are gay.
>A million questions could be answered, such as:

This would be good. But taking the pill wouldn't answer all your questions.
I want a way to piggyback into someone else's mind. To understand the gay life from inside the brain of someone who has lived that way for decades.

Other beings I'd like to understand from the inside: women, lesbians, nuns, seasoned warriors, hit men, the Dalai Lama, my daughter's rabbit, an ET, Koko the gorilla, fat people, little people, blacks, a dictator, my friends and family, Stephen Hawking, a humpback whale, the blind, an SI, an AI, ....

As interim substitutes, I read books and strike up conversations with people (and animals, I suppose) wherever I go.

Read Quantum Reprogramming by Robert Anton Wilson. Its all just metaprogramming, really. If you project yourself into someones shoes with enough veracity (as you have been doing all your life with the cultural browser imprinted on you) you slowly start to become the role you play. And it strikes me that being homosexual, bisexual, polysexual etc is all an important evolutionary step in advancing the species through diversification. 'Bridges' like in Greg Egan's Diaspora. Nature doesn't have the limited predujuces humans have...

Enclosed> a lil' fiction/article I wrote for a magazine over here in Oz called TRM (Tekno Renegade Magazine) ((Mr Broderick, would you care for an interview???)) relevant to all this Transhumanist sexuality talk. Thanks to Natasha, too, whom I quoted. I KNOW you're all goiing to shoot down the Reichian stuff but hey, it's all grist for the mill...


by Rak the Changing Man

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	You breathe in deeply, all senses turned on as Poly comes in naked
through the afternoon haze, sunlight glistening on hir skin, chest beating fast with anticipation. Hir HEDONY SHEATH is mounted with extra sets of finely moulded bio-tek plastic dildos and genitalia with lifelike grips, grown from the pleazure vats of Fredricks of Hollywood. S/He is so very beautiful, radiating a relaxed aura of sensual arousal like a budding flower about to burst. High up above, the clouds are billowing in shifting erotic tapestries like scenes from the Kama Sutra; arms, legs, faces, genitals all lock together in shifting mandalas of passion. You feel so very horny. Poly leans in close and you can smell hir new perfume, FOXY, a fine N,N-5methoxy-Diisopropyltryptamine pheremone mist genetically designed to stimulate the central nervous system - the ultimate aphrodisiac. Colours deepen as everything takes on a richer quality. Everything feels hypersensitive like satin sheets rubbing together, sparking electricity. The surface moisture of your bodies presses you together into one skin, hearts beating fast as the FOXY washes through . Tactile sensation melts like dreamfloss and hot showers, tingling, buzzing, kundalini rising, blood sugar magik>

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“The new sexual landscapes will bring about different types of sexuality, different types of genders. In the future, we may still want to perform the traditional types of sex—meaning rubbing mucus membranes against one another—or we may want to participate in the reconstituted and reconfigured gender roles and sexuality that will radically change us. We will alter aspects of our brains and switch genders by augmenting "direct route gender swaps" for easy access and quick fix gender changes. Sex and somatic gender identity are not so immutable. In society today there are bisexuals, transsexuals, homosexuals, asexuals, and intersexuals. Soon there will be negsexuals, solosexuals, technosexuals, postsexuals, multisexuals, VRsexuals or even just plain ole’ sexuals who remain nostalgic of the 20th Century. To automorph our sexuality—to independently chose our identities both physically and mentally—we are using biotechnology and plastic surgery; chemical messengers to manipulate our sexual characteristics and hormonal makeup; and psychological enhancements to help us develop new identity profiles. The possibility is that we might have as many genders as colors in the rainbow or as many types of genitalia as patterns of flowers.” (Cyberartist/Writer Natasha Vita More, The Future of Sexuality,

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“I want to fuck,” Poly groans, tweaking a flushed red nipple between hir fingers. Hirs or yours it all blurs into one elongated smear , like a thousand lotus petals opening to the sun. Even hir breath is beautiful. You sit with the sunshine warming your bodies and cross reference your SKINS pleazure centers, automatically tagging G-Spots and arousing them as you go, trackpads on fingertips tracing the descent of your lust. One caresses breasts and another places their linga into one’s yoni pot. At the base of hir spine you finger a polymorph genitalia hub grafted on like a daisy chain plug, instantly expanding gender options. The finger comes away with a blue tinge as liquid Orgone feedback opens the chakra pathways. The Jade Stalk rapidly gains the four attainments as colours spill along the royal road of Kundalini. There the Devi or goddess is coiled up three and a half times at the base of the spine. It unfolds into a full-blown golden flower that grows fuller and fuller. You are twining together like candlesticks melting, negative spaces sparking, locked in an ourobous loop. Unfolding, you enter Sushumna, the bliss of cosmic orgasm. Shiva is united with Shakti. White light causes the universe to disappear.

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“Carnal existence -- that is, the phase of be-ing when we are alive in a physical body -- is the soul's greatest opportunity. Between a man and a woman [or other gender designates] mindful of the sacred erotic, the Vital Life Force -- expressing its ceaseless tendency to be -- is free to expand the unseparated part, or the energy we know as godhead, within the physical instrument of each individual, enlarging the soul and its ability to enact divinity. Such coupling enables the two to consist together as one perfect be-ing. This expansion, or blossoming in ecstatic union, is a true expression of what the ancients knew as the Secret of the Golden Flower. It is the most attainable of paths to a divine state and demonstrates how love is -- both literally and figuratively -- the very force and nature of the universe.” (The Secret of the Golden Flower, a Chinese Book of Life, translated and explained by Richard Wilhelm, with a European commentary by C.G. Jung) Psychologist Willaim Reich, a student of Freud, called it ‘ORGONE ENERGY’: “Primordial Cosmic Energy; universally present and demonstrable visually, thermically, electroscopically and by means of Geiger-Mueller counters. In the living organism: Bio-energy, Life Energy.” Examining the breakdown of cellular material, Reich discovered tiny pulsating particles he called ‘bions’ spontaneously forming, which led him to formulate the idea of Orgone Energy. The blockage of Orgone Energy was seen as the main cause of neuroses and sickness in the body’s overall energy template, and accumulating this sexual energy in giant Orgone Accumulators reportedly helped heal and revitalize the body and soul (see Wilhelm Reich, The Function of the Orgasm).


White light fades to grey as the VR interface disengages, leaving you in a warm spill of wires inserted in the skin at orgone hubs along the spine. Software fluid pumps along a microfine mesh of tactile detectors, hundreds per square inch receiving and transmitting tactile inphomation to porndatanets across the world. Sponsor names Telefucker tm and Robopussy tm burn themselves onto the retinas as the autopoetic sexbliminal program sheds itself from the language centers. Ebb and flow as a showering spark of blue fairy lights dances across your vision. You’re coming down> WAS IT GOOD FOR YOU?