Re: High IQ?

Brian Manning Delaney (
Sun, 15 Aug 1999 11:00:32 -0700

"Bryan Moss" <> wrote:

>> [...] The damn thing seems to go up only >> to 167. Anyone able to get higher than 167?

> I changed my time to 1 minute (the lowest
> possible) and got 168, I think that's either the
> highest or damn close.

Strange. When I changed my answers the score always went down by at least three points. Maybe there's a one point question. Hold on.... OK, I just saved the Web page and put in pre-set answers so I could quickly systematically change each one of my answers, keeping the others the same. The score always went down, not up. (Maybe some answers aren't right or wrong, but alter the way other answers are scored?!) You under 16? (I'm 35.) Wait, no, an age of 15 gives 174 as the result. (An age of 7 gives 229.) I don't get it. wrote:

> When I was in high school, occasionally my
> friends and I would compare our high SAT scores,
> our IQ testings and whether we would be eligible
> for the Mensa or Mega society, etc. Similar to
> what you people are doing!

I don't think that's what people here are doing, actually. (By the way, your case would have been a lot stronger if you hadn't said "compare our _high_ SAT scores." :)

Seriously, as a child and teenager, knowing the results of IQ tests had far more of a negative effect on me than a positive effect. It made it harder for me to be someone who is, as opposed to someone who "will be...."