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>Date: Tue, 10 Aug 1999 07:05:27 +0200
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>Onderwerp: Ten Million Customers Per Month Adv: (5099)
>Excited about E-commerce, but not getting enough traffic to your
>web-site? Come join the crowd at our paradigm smashing Internet Mall
>where we're attracting as many as 10 million visitors a month who could
>be looking into your store windows and spending dollars for your
>products and services. Our webmaster will duplicate your website for
>placement in our mall --- , if you're willing to pay us a modest sales
>commission on all items our customers purchase at your location in our
>mall --- then, we're practically partners already.
> We provide the shopping basket and credit card and internet check
>processing. When our customer buys your product, we send you the money
>and you ship the product. It's that easy.
> If you'd like to work together on this project, call now:
>1-888-842-6604. We'll be pleased to serve you.
>Begining in August we will be exposing your product or service to 10
>million monthly customers. At that time we will be sending a contract to
>confirm our agreement. If you would like to get involved call
> We will automatically, use the voicemail as confirmation to your
>acceptance to our joint venture, so please make sure you agree to &
>state very clearly, : to
>1. give minimum of 10 % discount offered to our 10 million monthly
>2. Give us the amount of the normal sales commission paid to us per
>3. submit your web address
>4. leave your phone number, & e-mail address.
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>To be removed just Reply with the Subject: "REMOVE" or
>you may phone us at 1-888-842-6604(state your email address)
>and you will be permanently removed from any future mailings.

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