Re: High IQ?

Brian Manning Delaney (
Sat, 14 Aug 1999 12:01:28 -0700

About The damn thing seems to go up only to 167. Imagine my surprise when I score thirty points lower than I normally do. Kidding. But I wonder why a company that clearly wants to get customers by flattering them (the 15 point inflation) would have such a limit? Anyone able to get higher than 167? (I tried varying a few answers that weren't obvious. Didn't improve the score. And exactly one minute seems to be the smallest amount of time they recognize as the time taken to complete the test.)

Personally, I think there's a significant risk in thinking of oneself in terms of potential, and not actuality. It can lead to a permanent adolescence, a permanent "dilettante-ism." ("But being a dilettante is just one of many things I do!")