Re: Bioastronomy [was Bloated Stars and excess IR]

Gabriele Betti (
Sat, 14 Aug 1999 18:55:00 +0200

...If I understood brain may have a connection to the cosmo? In a picture I saw cosmo looks like a brain with some parts left...I don't know functions of those parts.
I'm sure there is a connection between human beings and exterior forces.. Ciao,

At 11.24 13/08/99 -0600, you wrote:
>You know, I've never really thought about those big planets being brains of
>some sorts. This is really not my expertize, but a reason that these
>civilizations might have went with this design is that, due to the light
>cone, it was the best mechanism to maintain conscious coherence. Perhaps
>there are some cooling issues here, to. Spin the brain so that only part of
>it is actually soaking up sunlight and storing it, while the other part is
>pointed into space. Just some thoughts.
>>"Robert J. Bradbury" <> writes:
>>> While I've devoted some thought to whether the observed "planets"
>>> could be supercomputers (like the old Jupiter Brians idea), I
>>> can't come up with a good reason why a civilization would waste
>>> most of the energy the star generates. At the Extro4 conference,
>>> Anders indicated that he has an updated version of his J-Brain
>>> paper that adds some additional classifications & structures for
>>> the supercomputers/SIs, but I don't think these help much.
>>The only reason I can think of would be that they don't care - you
>>build computing structures out of all the available matter, and the
>>energy requirements tturn out to be less than the entire stellar
>>output. Might happen if people settle for my 'Zeus' model of
>>megastructures (cold diamondoid planet-sized system), but I better do
>>some calculations on how to maximize the information
>>content/production in the entire system.
>>> During a coffee break, I overheard two young scientists from NASA Ames &
>>> The SETI Inst. discussing "I don't understand the comment about
>>> Mercury...". So I stopped and did a brief explanation about molecular
>>> disassembly, exponetial growth, etc. When I got through, they had no
>>> "scientific" objections as far as I could determine. At least one
>>> seemed very concerned that the astrologers would never allow me to
>>> dismantle Mercury since it would cause a signficant amount of disruption
>>> to their frame of reference.
>>Hurray! Hmm, maybe we should as posthumans just rearrange the solar
>>system to "improve" on astrology? :-)
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