Re: could use of a blender cause weight loss?

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This is an interesting finding. I wonder if anyone knows the secondary, differential effects of varied gastric emptying? Could someone tell me how this might effect nutrient absorption?

Doug Skrecky wrote:

> Authors
> Santangelo A. Peracchi M. Conte D. Fraquelli M. Porrini M.
> Institution
> Department of Food Science and Technology, University of Milan, Italy.
> Title
> Physical state of meal
> affects gastric emptying, cholecystokinin release and satiety.
> Source
> British Journal of Nutrition. 80(6):521-7, 1998 Dec.
> Abstract
> To verify the influence of food consistency on satiety mechanisms we
> evaluated the effects of the same meal in solid-liquid (SM)
> and homogenized (HM) form on satiety sensation, gastric emptying rate and
> plasma cholecystokinin (CCK) concentration. Eight healthy men, aged 21-28
> (mean 24.5) years were given two meals (cooked vegetables
> 250 g, cheese 35 g, croutons 50 g and olive oil 25 g, total energy 2573 kJ,
> with water 300 ml) differing only in physical
> state: SM and HM. The subjects consumed the
> meals in randomized order on non-consecutive days. The
> sensations of fullness, satiety and desire to eat were evaluated by means of
> a questionnaire, gastric emptying was assessed by ultrasonographic
> measurement of antral area, and plasma CCK concentration was measured by
> radioimmunoassay. The vegetable-rich meal was significantly
> more satiating (P < 0.05) when in the HM form than when eaten in a SM
> state. Furthermore, the overall gastric emptying time was
> significantly slowed (255 (SEM 11) min after HM v. 214 (SEM 12) min after SM;
> P < 0.05) and CCK peak occurred later (94 (SEM 12) min after HM v. 62 (SEM
> 11) min after SM; NS) when the food was consumed in the HM form.
> Independently of the type of meal, antral area was
> significantly related to fullness sensations (r2 0.46, P = 0.004). These
> results demonstrate that meal consistency is an important
> physical food characteristic which influences both gastric
> emptying rate and satiety sensation. Moreover, the relationship observed
> between antral area and fullness sensation confirms that antral distension
> plays a part in the regulation of eating behaviour.

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