Re: Status of Idea Futures Project
Fri, 13 Aug 1999 20:49:40 EDT

In a message dated 99-08-09 18:41:48 EDT, (Ken Kittlitz) wrote:

> At Extro-4 a few people were wondering what became of the Idea Futures

> project that was presented at Extro-2. The software we developed eventually
> became the Foresight Exchange (FX), located at
> I've written an article about our experiences with it that was published in
> Extropy Online, available at

Ken, my not mentioning your Extropy Online article on Idea Futures in my brief talk was a gross oversight on my part. My only excuse is that the timeline presentation we made was not at all what we'd hoped for, since the Crit server went down duing most of the time we'd hoped to collect input, derailing most of our plans. As a result, our presentation was a rather hastily conceived program to try to present at least the flavor of what we hope to accomplish by the time of the next conference. I highly recommend your article to al concerned with the valuable Idea Futures tool.

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