Re: FWD/MEDIA: Kansas school board drops evolution

my inner geek (
Fri, 13 Aug 1999 17:32:06 -0700

Sasha Chislenko <> wrote:

>Can insane people vote now?
>What are the criteria for minimal level of sanity and rational judgement
>that allows people to vote and teach?

How do we define "insanity"? I was involuntary committed to a psychiatric hospital.

As a result, I believe I'm no longer able to purchase a handgun, from now into eternity.

My crime was to ramp up to too high of a dosage of Wellbutrin and Prozac, resulting in 2 days of insomnia, then drifting into sleep and a dream in which I walked outside and jogged in place on my front lawn.

Am I allowed to keep the URL "", or do I lack the sanity required for a license to communicate on the web to such a potential mass audience, including children and students?

P.S. I'm off the Prozac. Current cocktail of sanity is:

   Lithium 1200Mg/day - Mood stabilizer, reduces manic episodes
   Lamictal 100Mg/day - Anti-seizure medication, also helps bipolar
   Risperdal  2Mg/day - Anti-psychotic, reduces magical thinking
   Ritalin   80Mg/day - Help mental focus and concentration
   Effexor  150Mg/day - Anti-depressant, anti-anxiety

If AT&T, or excuse me, Internic, yank the domain from me, who gets it next? Is it a raffle, or shared resources through equal stock?

Sometimes I like to see the handwriting on the wall.