Re: Read any good books lately?

J. R. Molloy (
Fri, 13 Aug 1999 10:26:04 -0700

From: Anders Sandberg <>
>If he had attained enlightenment, then the book would likely have been
>filled with blank pages. So it might be good that he hasn't :-)
>It is one of those great book that starts a field. It is not the last
>word, and I guess in the end most of the ideas and conclusions Austin
>makes will be proven wrong - but in the process a new understanding
>will have occured.

If Austin had attained enlightenment, someone else would likely have written the book (but a different book). If someone as erudite and energetic as yourself ever attains enlightenment, expect supra-human and poetic magnificence so potent it shall enchant all sentient beings. J. R. will read Austin's great book, not to understand his ideas and conclusions (whether or not proven wrong), but to enrich our (extropic) meditations beyond enlightenment.
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-- James Barrie (Scottish novelist, who wrote the play Peter Pan in 1904) [from Greg Burch's excellent Web pages]