Re: FWD/MEDIA: Kansas school board drops evolution

Sasha Chislenko (
Fri, 13 Aug 1999 11:21:22 -0500

At 09:04 PM 8/12/99 , Ralph Lewis wrote:
>Perhaps the next science facts they will teach is that the world is flat and
>if you move to California you will fall off or there is no such thing as a

What punishment do you think should be applied in a post-human world to an agency that deliberately implants provenly wrong knowledge into growing intelligent beings?

I think there are two cases here: one, deliberately harmful action by an intelligent agency - then it should be punished and/or fixed. Or it could be a sub-intelligent process whose semantics are screwed up to the degree that it can no longer see proven facts, or think rationally. Then it should be at the very least, identified as such, and prevented from ever influencing any intelligent beings, social structures, or anything else important. Maybe, put it to play within a protected virtual machine with soft walls, or something like that... Can insane people vote now? What are the criteria for minimal level of sanity and rational judgement that allows people to vote and teach?

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