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Tracy Newby (
Thu, 12 Aug 1999 16:11:41 +0100

I for one will NOT tolerate intolerance. If the African-Americans (like Martin Luther King Jr.) who were part of the civil rights movement in the 50's and 60's were tolerant of the intolerance of white America we would still have segregation in this country.

It sounds as if you're saying that it's okay to be intolerant. It's not. There is a difference between tolerating someone's diferences (like being gay, or Catholic, or a meat eater, etc.) adn accepting and embracing them. I don't have to agree with someone to respect their right to feel or believe what they choose or to live their lives as they see fit. I will draw the line when they take "action" which affects others in a negative fassion (other than voicing their opinions [i.e. free speech]).

I happen to be VERY anti-religious and consider any form of organized religion to be very detrimental to humanity and our individuality in particular. However I do NOT condone taking violent actions against innocent civilians especially children (the situation in LA recently) or destroying churches, mosques or temples. I even consider grafiti to be crossing the line. However I will not tolerate the religious right presuming to take control of my life away from me as they have seen fit to consider it their place to know what is best for me and my fellow citizen.

What does this mean? I am tolerant of other peoples right to make important decisions for themselves, even though I do not respect what it is they do or believe in. When intolerance leaves your head, in any form other than words (spoken or written) you are wrong, period. I have to tolerate the KKK and other white supremesist groups when they speak out (I don't have to listen to them) but when they are causing a riot or burning people out of their homes or beating them and dragging them behind a truck to their death (a situation in Texas), that is something no intelligent, civilized human being should be willing to tolerate.

Sorry for ranting.... "I shall yield the remainder of my 'soab-box' time to the Honorable Senator from Massachusets...." = )

Thanks for listening,

Rik van Riel wrote:

> Btw, here (the Netherlands) the scouts organization has the
> promotion of tolerance pretty high on it's agenda. Being a
> scouts leader myself I even try to make it clear to the kids
> that tolerance of intolerance is also part of the picture,
> but that's too difficult to grasp for most 11 year-olds :)
> regards,
> Rik
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