Re: Psi and Science Fiction (actually Albert Einstein)

Laurel D Margulis (pensive@CMU.EDU)
Thu, 12 Aug 1999 16:14:12 -0400 (EDT)

Excerpts from graffiti.extropy: 12-Aug-99 Re: Psi and Science Fiction.. by Anders Sandberg@nada.kth
> > Just read an article about his brain, that scientists have found that
> > there was an area he was missing in his brain that allowed the part
> > responsible for mathematical visualization to grow to twice the normal
> > size...
> Which area was that? As far as I know, most studies on his brain have
> been cellular rather than morphological (he may have hadd a slightly
> different number of glial cells; I'll get back to that once I have
> finished reading the reviews on the brain effects of enriched
> environments, they seem to relate here).

Are you talking about Einstein? (I just subbed). If so, you're partially correct - he had a larger number of glial cells when compared to a man of average intellect. Also, his parietal lobe was slightly larger -- but he wasn't "missing" anything AFAIK. If you could post sources that'd be nice.


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