Extro4/Web/Mailing List Working Group

Robert J. Bradbury (bradbury@www.aeiveos.com)
Thu, 12 Aug 1999 12:02:56 -0700 (PDT)

> On 12 Aug 1999, Anders Sandberg wrote:

> Since I arrived a bit late to the after-meeting computer-room meeting
> and couldn't get in (the sight of the crammed room of listening and
> discussingtranshumanists was quite encouraging!), I wonder if somebody
> could review what was said, done and planned at the meeting?

The topics/strategy we have is as follows: (1) I'm supposed to setup a new machine to host a /. type server.

(2) Alex is supposed to transfer his /.-style prototype to that

      machine and add some hooks to allow incoming/outgoing mail
      to/from the extropians mailing list.  There are also hooks for
      a News style interface.  I suggest that we may also link in the
      transhuman lists at that point.

  (3) Sasha's new software with filtering capabilities will be out
      in a few weeks, then we need to do some comparisons to see if
      we can arrange things so that alternate "views" (using /.
      and/or Sasha's software) are feasible or whether some merging
      or extracting of various features from one approach or the
      other needs to be done.

      [In my opinion, we want to offer the greatest flexibility
      in "viewing" the data [mail/news/WWW(/.)/other], but will
      either need specific people responsible for maintaining
      one or more "bridges", or come to some conclusion regarding
      those methods we will actually support].

  (4) Ping has suggested an approach that would be based on eGroups,
      something I'm unfamiliar with, but in theory sounded like it
      could be incorporated into the general architecture.

  (5) A core group of designated "stuckees" would be responsible for
      managing the News/List server (so when something goes wrong
      you have someone you can call).

  (6) Brent Allsop (allsop@fc.hp.com) is the current manager of the ExI
      web site with a number of "ToDo" projects.  He should be contacted
      for the URL for those projects.  I believe that Sasha has a long
      list of projects that is inclusive of some of the efforts that
      Brent is managing.  We are currently looking into whether the
      "Beach Sex" software, demoed by Tyler Close (tyler@waterken.com)
      may be appropriate for adding security to the project tasks and
      allow better distributed coordination.

Regarding things that the general community can help with:

(1) What should the new site be called? [Please check with Network Solutions

(www.networksolutions.com) to see if the names are available -- transhumanist/transhumanism/transcend/transcendence/ascend .com are taken.] The default from my perspective is: net.extropy.com (use it as a whipping post if necessary).

(2) I think we may need some help in coming up with the intial set of

catagories that /. requires. Things like: nanotech, biotech, life-extension, calorie-restriction, health/medical, singularity, cryonics, ExPhilosophy, Books, Music, etc. The list should be specific enough to allow people to select their main interests, but small enough that setting up the preferences doesn't take hours. Perhaps 10-20 categories? Send your votes to myself and/or Alex.

(3) We also will need "icons" for the /. "categories". Anyone on the

list with "artistic" leanings is welcome to contribute to this.

If I missed anything or got anything wrong, please post a correction.