Re: Extro4: web stuff

Lee Daniel Crocker (
Thu, 12 Aug 1999 10:37:27 -0700 (PDT)

> Since I arrived a bit late to the after-meeting computer-room meeting
> and couldn't get in (the sight of the crammed room of listening and
> discussingtranshumanists was quite encouraging!), I wonder if somebody
> could review what was said, done and planned at the meeting?

Here's my impression of that meeting (Robert, Sasha, Alex, Brent, or others may want to weigh in if I have omitted or misrepresented something):

Brent Allsop showed the ExI web task list, and invited participation. Tyler Close demonstrated an application that would be useful for better automating and securing that and possibly other things (the "DropLet" software at <>). Sasha went over a list of many web-related tasks for the future of ExI, what work has already been done on many of them, and invited participation in the discussion group. After some discussion about possible short-range improvements to the main discussion list, Alex Bokov demonstrated Slashdot. Robert Bradbury gave his vision of what functionality he thought was necessary for the discussion list, and agreed with Alex that minor modifications to the Slashdot model would probably fulfill those needs.

I think the general consensus was that for the near term, Robert ( would spearhead the job of upgrading the existing ExI list to something more functional, possibly based on the Slashdot collectively-moderated news/dicussion model, and that can be modified to incorporate more of Sasha's advances as they become available.

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