Re: Eliezer is only nineteen years-old!! (fwd)

Brian Atkins (
Thu, 12 Aug 1999 02:26:56 -0400

Hehe, this is great :-)

"Eliezer S. Yudkowsky" wrote:
> FWIW, Brian Atkins has physically met someone who looked like a
> teenager/young adult, claimed to be me, and knew the contents of emails
> sent to "". Someone who claims to be my father,
> Moshe Yudkowsky, is known by a number of SF fans and will be at Worldcon
> this year, and will verify that his son has an email address of
> "" and was born on September 11, 1979. (Or he may
> claim I'm an android he bought from Macy's, or that he's never heard of
> me. We're a little silly down here.)

Yes I admit it. Like a complete idiot I visited the Chicago/ Minneapolis region earlier this year (Jan). I guess coming from the South, I really dig huge piles of white stuff. And I can say "Eliezer" correctly. I also tasted some of his mom's spaghetti :-)

Oh yeah, yes he is 19.

I can provide more details if needed. And since I should be meeting with Max More tomorrow, you can verify with him that I am not some alter ego of Eliezer :-)

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