Re: Planetary Defense for profit

Spike Jones (
Wed, 11 Aug 1999 21:40:26 -0700

Robert J. Bradbury wrote:

> One of the most "Extropian" projects I can imagine supporting is
> the projects to identify space-based hazards to the planet and
> the development of the means to neutralize them.

Naahh Robert, that would make Lock.heed.Martin an extropian oriented company, which is almost a contradiction in terms. {8^D We have a study/proposal group that is working on exactly this, but perhaps for a different reason. For profit. {8-] Actually, we want to ensure that a stray rock from space does not trigger world war 3. If an asteroid were to be identified and we had a few years to plan a strategy (as with the 2028 Earth grazer) there exists a plan to deal with that. There is a planned radio array that will eventually map all major asteroids and their predicted paths, but I dont have a URL for it. spike