Re: Eliezer is only nineteen years-old!! (fwd)

Michael S. Lorrey (
Wed, 11 Aug 1999 23:49:51 -0400

John Holmes wrote:
> Forgive me, but that seems a bit silly. Why is it so important to you to
> verify that he is 19 years old? I've sat back and read this list for some
> time and it doesn't really seem to me that age should have any bearing on
> the discussions. The vast majority of what you discuss is not about life
> experience, but about hopeful visions of the future. Granted, some of the
> issues involve a sort of enlightenment that may or may not only come with
> age, but can you not simply read Eliezer's posts and decide for yourself
> whether he has any wisdom?

Are you really THE John Holmes? How can we know for sure? What sort of verification will satisfy everyone? ;)

Mike Lorrey