Re: stock talk: effect of $ prizes

Spike Jones (
Wed, 11 Aug 1999 18:47:14 -0700

Sasha Chislenko wrote:

> Or we just work as a collaborating bunch of individualists, and
> the winner if any, does what s/he pleases (I think that would be
> the preferred option).

Im with you there Sasha. It fits better with the extropian ideal, for each person to decide what works best for them, and work together toward a common goal, while furthering one's own best interest. So: I propose a team, starting with GIMPS and later moving to whatever we want, where there is no committment expected or asked for. Stop CPU waste!

For myself, should I win the EFF $100K, I hereby state my intentions of donating the pile to Extropians. [This written in a format more permanent than ink on dead trees.] May you all enjoy witnessing my squirming, whining and gnashing of teeth, should I actually win, and be morally obligated to fork over the loot. {8^D spike