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I still think *discomfort* with anything pleasurable and non-harmful is a result of abuse and victorian social conditioning.

This list is filled with scientists who can be pretty clinical and descriptive about things: frozen mice, body organs, brains, etc.

On the topic of sexuality, changing brain chemistry or wiring will have profound effect on hedonistic behaviors. I'm sure for those who "walk the line" or are "on the fence" drugs might have played a part in their experimentation. Cocaine or Ecstacy have done much for suppressing inhibitions.

I normally don't find obese woman physically attractive, but tried coke once with an obese coworker after work one night. For about ten minutes, she looked good. Didn't close the deal though! Crashed so bad I felt like hell for about a day, and was a little embarrassed at what might have transpired had there been more white powder available.

I'm only sharing this because I aspire to be a public figure someday.

In terms of what we "don't need to know", I thought the Starr report detailing Bill and Monica's sexual play was "too much information".

Then again, in an age of nanotechnology, inexpensive through-the-wall radar, invisible fisheye lensed cameras with wireless's always interesting to know the workings of the minds on the enlightened side of surveillance feeds. They surely become desensitized voyeurs who view people as "subjects" and things, IT rather than HE or SHE.

The extropian list is like a form of surveillance, giving the wise lurkers a chance to understand the pathology of those who may be near some of the more valuable thinkers and technologies. If my whole life was on quantum dot cell memory, or molecular tape, it would be a action porno horror situation comedy suspense thriller drama.