RE: Gene Therapy & Ethics [was Re: AI Backlash]

Billy Brown (
Wed, 11 Aug 1999 14:52:55 -0500

Robert J. Bradbury [] wrote:
> The *sticky* point in my mind is we are entering the time when treatments
> that are entirely "enhancements", rather than "necessities" are
> If the Extropian principles are those which should encourage diversity,
> minimize tyranny, manipulation/control by power bodies/majorities
> (including parents or medical authorities), etc., then it would seem to
> me that --

So, in other words, this is such a sticky problem that we should have government make all the decisions? Somehow, that seems less than ideal to me.

Or do you really want to see a regulatory agency defining "enhancement", "treatment", "necessity" and so forth according to whatever political forces happen to apply at the time?

Billy Brown, MCSE+I