Re: Gay Extropians?

Ralph Lewis (
Wed, 11 Aug 1999 10:52:15 -0700

>Christ, besides of talking (which is cheap) we don't _do_ anything
>grossly illegal, are we?
I expect we will, as extropianism goes mainstream or at least above the radar we will see increasing regulation. it will most likely first come in the form of restrictions on medical procedures and life extension supplements. The restrictions on GHB is only the first shot.

Later other life extension methods will be criminalized. The current restrictions on medicare restricting the ability of the patient to pay for procedures not covered my medicare is the grand strategy. This was also a key point the failed Hillery health care plan and when that failed the restrictions were applied to medicare.

This is not theoretical or something in the future. In the past I have been poisened by dibutyl phthalate, from a contaminated heating system in a building I used to work in, which causes various medical problems including CFS and a type of fibromyalgia. Many of the treatment protocols are either not available in the US or are so restricted doctors won't use them.

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