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Doug Jones (
Wed, 11 Aug 1999 00:49:41 -0700

Spike Jones wrote:

[lotsa good stuff]

> Greg, thanks for reminding me of Estes rockets. I had a ball with
> those things while growing up. {8-] spike

Slogan I gotta have put on a button:
If you don't grow up by the time you're 35, you don't have to! [1]

A friend of mine quoted that at me when the unamused guys with M-16s accosted me at the Edwards AFB open house last fall. [2]

Doug Jones, Freelance Rocket Plumber
[1] I'm 39.

[2] All I did was pull a Quasimodo routine on their B52- there was
the left outrigger wheel danging in midair, so I just *had* to grab
on and pull it down... boinggg (maybe I shouldn't have done it four
times).  It was a hundred ton teeter totter.  Like I said, they
weren't amused.