Re: Gay Extropians?

Elizabeth Childs (
Tue, 10 Aug 1999 23:51:24 -0700

Spike Jones said:

> - is it analogous for a gay man to go into the mens locker room to
> me going into the womens?
> - if so, would not a gay man in a locker room get an erection?
> - why does this not happen?

A bisexual male friend of mine went in the closet to join the Marines. Before he started, he was joking about how painfully arousing it was going to be to be surrounded by hunky Marines. But when he actually got there, the reality of living with a bunch of guys was more annoying than arousing. He didn't have any problems.

If you were around a bunch of naked women every day, particularly women with whom you could not show any sexual inclination whatsoever, it would stop being such a big deal. Most guys at nude beaches don't have erections for this reason. It's not nudity that's arousing, it's sexuality, and nudity is not inherently sexual.

> - I fully understand how men find women beautiful, so curvy and
> delightful, but how in the helllll do women find us ugly old boys
> attractive? What is that?

Try looking at some Robert Mapplethorpe nudes (the nice ones, not the S&M ones). Also, I believe that there was a collection of male nudes by female photographers out recently, but I couldn't dig it up on Amazon.

Elizabeth Childs
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