Re: stock talk: effect of $ prizes

Spike Jones (
Tue, 10 Aug 1999 20:08:26 -0700

> Spike wrote:
> >In conclusion, I make this offer: if Extropians wish to form a
> >GIMPS team, I will donate all my currently held CPU time, which
> >is about 3.4 CPU years.
> Bryan Moss wrote: What do I have to do?

Youve already done it. I have set the arbitrary lower limit at 5 members. If we get 5 (you, me and 3 others) I will donate my accumulated time. With less than 5 we would just embarrass ourselves.

> [Btw, seti@home repeatedly crashed taking my computer with it so I can no
> longer contribute to the seti@home team.]

Ja, I was less than satisfied with seti@home. Wouldnt get outta my way unless priority was set at the lowest. Actually I feel SETI is more worthwhile than the next Mersenne prime, but GIMPS is set up a bit better than seti@home. It will not cause your computer to crash, and, you have the option to defeat the feature that sends results out automatically, so you neednt worry some yahoo is trying to secretly infiltrate your disc, etc. So, Bryan Moss and spike. Others? spike