Re: Gay Extropians?

Ralph Lewis (
Tue, 10 Aug 1999 18:43:12 -0700

well as the saying goes being bisexual doubles your chances of getting a hot date on Saturday night ...

I doubt if sexuality can be reprogrammed but there are a lot of individuals who can function well with either gender and/or are sexually confused although that apparently does cause most of them any distress at all!

Some time ago I did a study of sexual personality and motivation. The original conference paper was lost but parts of it have been spliced together from old ditto masters and placed on the web. If anyone is interested the URL for the paper and associated graphic is: paper graphic

Best Ralph

At 05:39 PM 8/10/99 -0700, you wrote:
>Any idea of sexuality can be reprogrammed? I'd like to consider
>myself to be bisexual, although the truth is that I'm still not
>completely comfortable with same sex sexual contact (although on a
>platonic basis, I enjoy emotion intimacy with both sexes).
>I've had one experimental homosexual relationship that lasted about 2
>weeks. It started as my being a kind of apprentice to a Reiki
>massage practitioner, who slowly desensitized me to being nude while
>receiving a massage, then eventually receiving oral sex. It felt
>liberating to know that this was *not* high risk behavior, since I
>wasn't receiving fluids.
>I've been told by other massage practitioners that this amounts to
>undue influence and breach of trust. For me, though, it was a kind
>of therapy: a chance to know that men can exchange sensual pleasures
>in a way that respectful and safe. I tried French kissing, but
>didn't ejoy kissing a masculine mouth nearly as much as a woman's.
>I do, however, consider myself to be a hedonist. So why not conquer
>the anxiety and discomfort and learn to enjoy same sex affairs?
>There's such a large community of beautiful people who are gay or
>bisexual. Why be limited?
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