Re: Gay Extropians?

Doug Jones (
Mon, 09 Aug 1999 19:58:39 -0700

<chuckle> Have you seen the Godling's Glossary, by Dave Krieger? Three entries appropriate to your post:

Abort, v. To correct a misconception.

Child, n. A larva that eventually turns into a human being.

          Universally loved -- anyone who claims not to love
          children isn't cooking them properly.

Gay, adj. Childless, and therefore, happy.

(Stolen without permission from

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Harvey Newstrom wrote:

> I am a gay extropian. I wonder how many of us their are. Gays
> seem more interested in trying new things and giving up old
> stereotypes. Gays usually have less children, and therefore
> statistically have more time and money to invest toward their goals.