Re: Seeing a wider spectrum

Paul Hughes (
Sun, 08 Aug 1999 03:04:50 -0700

Damien Broderick wrote:

> What Paul is describing is an
> artefact of saccadic scanning, the automatic movements by which the eyeball
> swivels and jitters as it scans the world (and which is usually edited out
> by the brain's visual constancies). If you stare at something against a
> plain background, the edges of the object of your scrutiny get displaced,
> blurring out into an `aura' around it. Big deal.

I am aware of the visual 'result' of saccadic scanning - and it is distinctly different. Saccadic scanning looks exactly the same as double vision by crossing your eyes. The 'aura' effect
caused by the method I've used, results in a wide variety of colors independent
of the color of the object. I am unaware of how such color variance can be caused by mere saccadic scanning. There is another effect, perhaps a coherent pattern of misfirings of the lightcones, or another more subtle change in the iris or cornea.